What We Do

The Big Reach Center of Hope is dedicated to providing prayer, food, clothing, community resources, and education to low-income and underserved individuals and families. We serve the Mahoning Valley and surrounding communities in Northeast Ohio. Our passion is to see people move toward self-sufficiency through encouragement and education.

Our mission at the Big Reach Center of Hope is to provide families with HOPE by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs while recognizing the dignity and beauty of every person.

The Big Reach Center of Hope was founded in 2004 and that year alone provided assistance for 1,400 people. Today the Big Reach Center of Hope reaches more than 50,000 adults and children across the region in Northeast Ohio.

Our building is located on the campus of Greenford Christian Church in Greenford, Ohio. 

The Big Reach Center of Hope provides prayer, food, and clothing for individuals twice a week. We also provide small household items along with educational classes and connections to church and community resources.

What We Provide

  • Prayer & Encouragement

  • Food

  • Gently-used Clothing

  • Small Household Items

  • Connections to Church and Community Resources

Who We Are

The Big Reach Center of Hope is