3/6/9 Giveback Program

The Big Reach Center of HOPE encourages every individual and family to get involved in donating their time and talents within their communities!  We believe positive volunteer experiences can encourage adults and children alike to embark on a path towards self-sufficiency.  We are also confident that introducing the concept of volunteering can help those without prior experience gain the tools and healthy discipline habits of a work atmosphere.  It is our HOPE, that one's ability to truly make a difference through volunteering can lead to future employment and a passion for community engagement.    

This is why we implement the 3/6/9 Giveback Program.  This program helps any individual or family in crisis receive the assistance offered through Big Reach for their first three visits to our Center...with ZERO volunteer hours required.  During these initial visits, our registration volunteers explain that THREE (3) volunteer hours at a local non-profit organization of their choice are to be submitted for credit toward their fourth through sixth visits. Upon the seventh visit, they will be asked to submit SIX (6) volunteer hours for visits seven through nine, followed by NINE (9) volunteer hours for their tenth and all subsequent visits thereafter.  Exemptions from this program are only available for families with approved and qualifying documentation (ie. proof of employment, income below guidelines, etc).

If you are a registered client looking for a place to volunteer for your 3/6/9 Giveback Program hours,  the Big Reach Center of HOPE would LOVE to have you join our team of outstanding volunteers! Please contact Val for an orientation and make an appointment to get started today! YOU can make a difference!