We couldn't do what we do at the Big Reach Center of Hope without our faithful and generous donors. We want our donors to know that we are committed to reaching out to give hope to the people of the Mahoning Valley and surrounding communities. We are also committed to giving our best to our donors who make what we do possible. We promise our donors the following:

Remaining True
We were founded as a ministry of Greenford Christian Church. This means our foundation and our one true hope is Jesus Christ. We believe He is our Savior. We believe God is our provider and sustainer. And as long as God grants the Big Reach Center of Hope life we will remain true to Him and look to Him as our source of hope and our guide.

Wise Stewardship
Rest easy in that the money given to the Big Reach Center of Hope will be used as it was intended. Donations marked for a specific purpose will be used for that purpose. Donations without restriction will be used where they are most needed.

Compassionate Care
What we do at the Big Reach Center of Hope is to love and show compassion to every person that walks through the door. To meet them right were they are and share the message of the gospel. In addition to dealing with poverty, we are also mindful of the salvation of those we serve. 

Hard Work
At the Big Reach Center of Hope we are committed to working hard and pursuing many different sources of income to sustain us. Our income portfolio includes private donors, corporate donors, grants, church donations, and much more.  The work that is being done at Big Reach Center of Hope couldn't be done without generous donors, the community, and faithful volunteers.

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Will you partner with the Big Reach Center of Hope in some way? We could not do what we do in the local community without people like you. Here are some ways you can bless others: 


Please contact Dana Gough regarding any giving and donation questions you have!