At the Big Reach Center of Hope we have several ways for you to contribute to the heartfelt work that is happening through this ministry. If you feel moved in your heart to give in any way to the Big Reach Center of Hope, please know that your gift will make a impact on those we serve.

1. Product DonationThe Big Reach Center of Hope gladly welcomes product donation. Please notice our donation drop-off times.

2. Online Giving - Can be set up as either as one-time gift amount or a monthly-giving amount.  We are thankful for every donation given. 

3. Payroll Deduction—Are you a business owner in Northeast Ohio? Would you like to give your employees the option of giving to the Big Reach Center of Hope pre-taxes? Your company could be a huge blessing to us. Please email for more details on this easy and meaningful program.

4. Checks - Please make checks payable to "THE BIG REACH CENTER OF HOPE" and mail to 11767 Lisbon Road, PO Box 53, Greenford OH 44422.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

treasure of grace

Donation Questions?

Please contact Dana Gough with any giving or donation questions you might have!